Welcome to SIBCON

Welcome to the IEEE International Siberian 
Conference on Control and Communications 

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Tomsk IEEE Chapter & Student Branch it is my honor to invite you to the IEEE International Siberian Conference on Control and Communications SIBCON. It is aimed to offers opportunities to exchange ideas, present results of ongoing researches and share information on the latest advance in communication and control system.The conference is organized by the IEEE on a regular basis in order to promote interdisciplinary discussion and interaction among scientists and engineers with an emphasis on the IEEE membership.The meeting continues the best traditions of international conference SIBCON, holding since 1995 – the best meeting of scientists, worked in various fields of radiophysics, electronics, and control systems.

Different levels and characters of presentations are accepted: presentation of research and scientific results, new ideas, valuable conclusions from experience, exhibition of the innovative technologies, state of the art and instructive survey communications.

National Instruments Seminar will be held in conjunction with SIBCON. You are cordially invited to participate for free. Kazan is an education and research center of Russia, where many high level universities and research institutions are located. We are convinced that if SIBCON is held in Kazan, it will be an impetus to the development of radio electronics in Kazan, and there will be further increase of academic exchanges and cooperation between the Russian engineers and their colleagues in other countries and regions. The SIBCON application has won active support from various foundations, and our conference will be able to raise enough funds. Gratitude is also deserved for RFBR, IEEE ED-S, and MTT-S as the technical co-sponsors.The organizers expect this conference provided participants with an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and information about their research findings, and to refresh personal contacts and establish new ones. Please accept my highest salutation. I hope that you will enjoy the technical and cultural events prepared for you. We hope we will have the pleasure of seeing you in Kazan. Looking forward with the hope that you will accept our invitation, I remain friendly and sincerely yours,

Oleg Stukach